A Note From Our Founder: People Who Inspire Me

A Note From Our Founder: People Who Inspire Me

As I travel the US and around the world, I meet some amazing people. People who inspire me, people who are living examples of 21st century leadership, people whom I would like you to meet.

Let me introduce you to Ayelet Baron, Romanus Berg, Michael Strong and Bryan Welch.

Ayelet BaronAyelet Baron: Ayelet Baron is building on her illustrious corporate career (most recently as the Head of Strategy for Cisco Canada) and leading the way in creating work environments that unleash creativity and innovation. A prolific writer, keynote speaker and corporate strategist, Ayelet is ushering in radically different ways of thinking about work and life, opening the hearts and minds of all she meets. See her Full Bio here.


Romanus BergRomanus Berg: Romanus Berg loves systems thinking and design and his expertise doesn’t stop there. He is superb with his implementation and leads by example. As the CIO and a senior member of the Leadership Group at Ashoka, Romanus’ work touches thousands of social entrepreneurs around the world. See his Full Bio here.


Michael StrongMichael Strong: Guess what’s on Michael Strong’s wish list? Longer vacation time with his family. Michael has started more progressive schools and high impact startups than anyone I know. Watching Michael in action I see a beautiful balance of enormous intellect and a compassionate heart acting in unison. See his Full Bio here.


Bryan WelchBryan Welch: Bryan Welch is a master storyteller, smart and caring CEO, and rumor has it he is a pretty decent farmer as well. His latest work, “Beautiful and Abundant,” is a must read for all who care about making this world a better place. I was deeply moved by the depth and breadth of his insights and the beauty of his words. It is now a required read for all Sansori students! See his Full Bio here.


A big shout-out to my hero/ines!

Kristin Kim, Founder, Sansori LLC