If you do not find your question among these commonly asked questions, please contact us at open@sansori.org.


1. What is Sansori?
Sansori provides radically new, innovative, and open spaces for alternative education, for people of all ages. Our programs nurture the integration of community, commerce, and compassion in all facets of our lives. Please read about Sansori’s mission, values and programs on our About Us page.

2. What is social enterprise?
A social enterprise is a creative business venture that integrates social objectives with sustainable, market-driven forces. These businesses use creative solutions to meet a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Examples of social enterprises can be found by browsing our practicum sponsors, many of which are certified B-Corps.

3. Who is behind these programs, and why?
Please read about our Team here.

4. What does the Sansori name mean?
Sansori means “mountain sound” in Korean. At Sansori we believe that by listening, both without and within, we can climb new peaks, and—together—move mountains. Sansori is not affiliated with any religious, ethnic or political organization.

5. How is Sansori funded?
Sansori is funded by private investors and tuition fees.

6. Where can I ask my other questions?
Please email us at open@sansori.org.