Austin OneHeart Lower School (3-10 years)

Just as each flower knows how to take the sun’s energy and nutrients from the soil and to absorb water so that it can blossom into a small miracle, each child takes in the world around him/her and grows into something amazing. They are all perfect microcosms full of beauty and the wonder of Life.

At OneHeart, we believe in respecting and nurturing this innate capacity in each child, and providing an environment where s/he can be immersed in exploring the world and him or herself.

Throughout the day, we also have ample outdoor and indoor unstructured play time to enjoy being with each other: arts and music to express harmony and beauty, and games that allow kinesthetic understanding of numbers and letters.

We surround the children with toys made of natural material which are open-ended to engage their imagination, professional quality paper and paint to experience the beauty and wonder of colors, and stories filled with joy, adventure, and goodness to tickle their hearts. All this is done to a healthy rhythm, with healthy boundaries.

We celebrate the four seasons, we celebrate harvest from the garden, we celebrate everyday miracles, we celebrate each child!

Our kindergarten and pre-kindergarten (3-6) space is limited to 16 children.

The Lower School program (3- 10) will start March 1, 2018. Tours are available. Please contact Kristin at