Practicum Sponsors

We believe in experiential learning.
After running a small-scale social enterprise as a part of the Austin OneHeart Upper School curriculum, you will be eligible for a social enterprise practicum in which you develop practical ways to apply your passions in a business context while also making a positive contribution to your community and planet. Here is a sampling of OneHeart’s social enterprise partners.

The AUSTIN ONEHEART UPPER SCHOOL practicums will be performed in Austin.

He Cha Guan Tea House Logo

HE CHA GUAN TEA HOUSE (Hangzhou, China)
He Cha Guan is a unique and artistic tea house where all your senses delight in one of the best treasures of the Chinese civilization: high tea culture. Under the guidance of well known tea cultivation and tea ceremony expert and successful businesswoman Pang Ying, He Cha Guan’s high quality tea is carefully cultivated using sustainable agricultural practices.

Impact Hub Seattle Logo

Impact Hub Seattle is a coworking space, events space, and launch pad for purpose-driven ventures that create more value than they capture. The Impact Hub community helps entrepreneurs and businesses consider the social and environmental impact of their practices, while also pushing philanthropists and nonprofits to become self-sustaining through collaboration and more efficient business models.

Nutiva Logo

NUTIVA (Sebastopol, CA)
Nutiva is revolutionizing the food we eat to bring nourishment and balance, health and well being, sustainability and community to people and planet. By focusing on superfoods—nutrient-dense powerhouses that can also be grown and processed in a sustainable way—Nutiva is letting food lead us to a better world.

Elefint Design Logo

Elefint Designs is a design studio focusing on strategic design for good causes. Beginning all projects by developing a clear understanding of the clients objectives and then building designs to help them reach their goals, Elefint’s services include websites, print design, infographics and data visualization, motiongraphic videos and more.

Exygy Logo

EXYGY (San Francisco, CA)
Exygy is a small software design and build agency in San Francisco whose mission is to be a technology partner to the world’s leading innovators and change-makers.

Healthy Building Science Logo

Providing Healthy Building Inspections, Environmental Testing & Assessments and Green Building Consulting for both Commercial and Residential projects.

Ryan Nonprofits Logo

Ryan Nonprofits is a management consulting firm that specializes in strategic planning for small nonprofit organizations.

Ditto Hangers Logo

Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes award-winning, sustainable retail displays for conscientious clothing companies.

Sfun Cube Logo

SFUN CUBE (Oakland, CA)
SfunCube is the world’s only business incubator and accelerator program dedicated to ensuring that solar entrepreneurs succeed. SfunCube supports solar start-ups and ensures that the ecosystem that has been built for non-profits, for-profits, funds and advisers can continue to thrive under one roof in a fun co-working space in uptown Oakland.

New Avenue Homes Logo

New Avenue is a Berkeley based technology company whose mission is to revolutionize housing by converting every home into a source for multi-generational income and security.   The company’s collaboration platform empowers architects, homeowners and builders to convert idle space in existing homes and yards for extended family members, an income apartment, a small business or creative pursuits.

B Revolution Logo

B REVOLUTION (Calabasas, CA)
B Revolution is a benefit corporation consulting firm providing business planning, capital raising, marketing, and B Corporation Certification optimization for social enterprises.

Sechler CPA Logo

Sechler CPA is a virtual nonprofit CPA firm serving over 400 nonprofit organizations. Client-focused, supportive, innovated, attentive, and accountable, Sechler CPA provides support for nonprofit organizations by filing Form 1023 for tax exemption status, accounting and bookkeeping services, tax compliance, visioning, consulting needs, and coaching.

Tech Ranch Austin Logo

Tech Ranch Austin is a community of vibrant tech start-ups surrounded by the people, processes and materials needed to drive business success.

Ogden Publications Logo

Ogden Publications is the leading information resource serving the sustainable living, rural lifestyle, farm memorabilia, and classic motorcycle communities.

The Data Bank Logo

THE DATA BANK (Minneapolis, MN)
The Data Bank, Inc. creates positive change through technology by providing high performance, easy to use, affordable software solutions to nonprofit organizations; and by providing a workplace that respects diversity, encourages innovation, and creates sustainable employment for our community.

Big Vision Media Group Logo

If you truly care about your customers and their lives, we can help you to become irreplaceable and create meaningful connections. We use the newest research and tools to develop lasting relationships built on intrinsic human values.

Beyond Green Partners Logo

Beyond Green Sustainable Food Partners is bringing positive change to our food system through sustainable food service consulting, local food service provision, and education development in the city of Chicago and across the United States.

The Road Less Traveled Logo

The Road Less Traveled is a teen summer community service and adventure travel company that offers an opportunity for young people to engage in a service of presence and active listening in the world. We encourage involvement and cultivate leadership, excellence, openness and sensitivity, initiative, communal participation, social activism and environmentalism.

Strategic Sustainability Consulting Logo

Strategic Sustainability Consulting provides organizations with the tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. SSC specializes in helping under-resourced organizations implement sustainable solutions usually reserved for large, multinational companies.

TMI Consulting Logo

TMI Consulting Inc assists organizations and communities by bridging the gap between simply being diverse to having authentic inclusivity. TMI’sInclusion for Innovation™ model helps reduce turnover and increase morale, engagement and productivity—attracting high-potential talent and increasing social capital.

Medji Tours Logo

MEJDI TOURS (Arlington, VA)
A global tour operator founded on the belief that travel should contribute to a more positive, interconnected world. On their journeys, Mejdi travelers see first hand that we are all connected by shared values that cross cultures, languages, religions, nationalities, and ethnicities-and that there is far more that unites us than separates us.

Relay Foods Logo

RELAY FOODS (Washington, DC)
Relay Foods is an online marketplace for local, organic, natural and conventional food. As a socially focused benefit corporation, we use the power of technology to improve economies and livelihoods through innovating the way people engage with, learn about, and purchase healthy food.

More Than Money Careers Logo

MTMCareers transforms how students and professionals get clear, get connected, and get hired for internships and jobs that maximize impact and income in fields such as impact investing, environmental sustainability and social enterprise in the US and around the world.

Kinvolved Logo

KINVOLVED (Brooklyn, NY)
Kinvolved aims to increase K-12 attendance to affect improved graduation rates by engaging families, particularly in underserved communities. A Benefit-Certified company, Kinvolved offers schools and teachers a software program to communicate attendance in real time, identify behavioral trends based on graphic data, and implement tailored recommendations based on the data.

Maxwell Health Logo

MAXWELL HEALTH (New York, NY and Cambridge, MA)
Maxwell Health is revolutionizing the way companies think about employee benefits by turning it into a subscription service they love. Maxwell’s SaaS platform and service experience dramatically simplifies benefits, reduces costs, and improves employee health by eliminating the headache of confusing paperwork that comes with insurance and care.

Co-Op Power Logo

CO-OP POWER (Springfield, MA)
Co-op Power is a consumer-owned sustainable energy cooperative. We operate within a regional network of Local Organizing Councils to create a multi-class, multi-race movement for a sustainable and just energy future.

Project Repeat Logo

Project Repat turns your t-shirts into a personalized blanket keepsake. All blankets are made in the USA by someone making a fair and living wage.