About Bridge Year

How do you go from inspiration to living manifestation of your dreams?

Sansori Bridge Year allows you the freedom to experience ways you can apply your talent and passion to generate income and usher in positive transformation in the world. You take time-tested “bricks” ­— experiential learning, job training, storytelling, problem solving, leadership, mixed-age learning, in-person and online exchanges, travel and cultural immersion, mind-body connection ­— and build your bridge to travel from inspiration and ideals to living reality of your dreams!


Meet your fellow Bridge Year participants and build a foundation for your personal and collective transformation. In the peaceful outskirts of Phoenix, AZ, you will gain an overview of social enterprise, prepare for practicum placement interviews, refine your leadership and storytelling skills, and explore your mind body connection. We will spend this time at the Arcosanti Retreat Center – a living laboratory of innovative design, community, and environmental accountability.

In your home city, you will participate in placement interviews and online business seminars to prepare you for the practicum experience. As a practicum student at a social enterprise or B-Corp team, you will see how passion and a sense of social responsibility can enhance any business enterprise. The practicum offers an immersive experience through which you can apply your unique gifts within a business context and understand how social enterprises practically balance the triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit.

During the practicum period, you will enhance your business skills and develop as a transformational leader through our online learning platform. You can participate in relevant business seminars and conduct self-directed research. You will share each week through a short video presentation of what you learned through the practicum experience. You will be refining your storytelling skills and learning from best practices of your peers and mentors. By the finale session, you will have seen how your own talents, interests and insights can be successfully adapted to a socially responsible business enterprise.

Rejoining your Sansori peers in a beautiful natural setting, you will have space to integrate your experience and celebrate your journey ahead. As a graduate of the Sansori Bridge Year, you will discover a new kind of clarity and purpose in life, combining creativity, personal empowerment and a sense of social responsibility. You will also join a global network of Sansori alumnae/i! Participate in alumnae/i retreats, workshops and online hangouts.

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