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the social enterprise field.
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“When you make a choice, you change the future.” — Deepak Chopra
When you choose love...

1. Consciously engage both obstacles and opportunities. How do you move through perceived barriers to access limitless possibility?

2. Celebrate your inner artist, entrepreneur, or social activist. How might you share the skills you already have to help others achieve their goals?

3. Actively foster sustainable, socially-responsible economic change. How can you contribute to the positive growth of communities just like yours that simply need an extra hand in life?

5 Ways to Get Involved
Smiling Girls Smiling Girls
•Directly engaging the communities impacted by CHOOSE LOVE! by offering your advice, insights, and encouragement in our online forum.
•Express personal support to the young women and men in CHOOSE LOVE!’s outreach program with cards, notes, and/or small gifts.
•Creating awareness & movement for non-military solutions to the cycles of poverty & violence by spreading the word on social media and emailing family and friends.
•Are you a business owner or PR rep looking to give back to the global community?
•Consider donating services-in-kind, or exclusive products to be sold in our Marketplace for the benefit of CHOOSE LOVE!
•No gift is too big or too small.
•Many thanks to our current partners:
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•Commit to a program-related investment.
•Watch your recoverable grant be redeployed for projects several times over!
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