Sansori Global Villages are 100% owned and operated by local communities. We help them with the overall design, help them with financing, and also provide ongoing training and support.

Sansori Global Villages Vision

Based on the founding principles of compassionate commerce, mind-body connection, and community building, Sansori intends to create:

  1. Businesses in local communities around the world that will exist for the benefit of their community and provide long-term peaceful solutions to the local area.
  2. Innovative schools based on the Sansori model of integrated, mixed-age learning where students gain tools for leadership, communication, business, and creativity.
  3. Holistic wellness centers that recognize the entire person and healing methods that integrate the wisdom of human bodies.
  4. A mobile banking platform.

Sansori will work closely with the local leadership team and provide the design and implementation plan and debt financing needed to complete the four components mentioned above. The Global Villages are intended to be financially sustainable. The Sansori Global Villages will share best practices with each other and co-create a global movement that leverages the power of business and the power of connectedness for the benefit of the people and the planet.

Our Global Villages Project

Banu Village, Waziristan, Pakistan

global-villages-235x490Our first Global Village is in the Bannu village, Waziristan, Pakistan. Now home to millions of internally displaced people, Bannu villagers need jobs, school and healthcare. Working with the first woman parliamentarian from the region, Ayesha Gulalai Wazir, and with the support of tribal elders in the area, Sansori is creating an IT job center, a Sansori school, and a wholistic wellness center. Shamsul Qayyum Wazir, a visionary, a tireless advocate of human rights, one of the Tribal elders, and a descendant from a large and prominent political family in South Waziristan, has donated land in Bannu for the Sansori Global Village.

The IT job center will provide training and jobs for women and men, not such a common occurrence in the area. CISCO is partnering with us and assisting in providing IT training.

Other areas of consideration include Maya Riviera, Mexico


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