Sansori High School

How do you go from inspiration to living manifestation of your dreams?

Sansori High School allows you the freedom to experience yourself and the world.

Here you will:

  • Apply your talents and passions to collaborative enterprise.
  • Transform the world in a positive way.
  • Prepare yourself for the college or career of your choice.
  • Celebrate who you are today and the person you are becoming.

Using time-tested “bricks” ­— experiential learning, business training, storytelling, problem-solving, leadership, mixed-age learning, in-person and online exchanges, cultural immersion, mind-body connection ­— you will build your own path, turning your dreams and ideals into living reality.


In the peaceful outskirts of Austin, you will gain an overview of your Sansori High School journey, examining shared values and aspirations. Here you will meet your peers and mentors, laying the foundation for your personal and collective transformation.

Most people, even at this time in history, continue to learn about the world in a disconnected fashion. Each discipline has its turf, and students attend separate classes for each subject.
Not at Sansori. We find that “Learning By Doing” is a natural and stress-free way to explore the world, which helps you retain knowledge longer and use it more successfully. In the Sansori process, you will approach tasks from multiple points of view and use a range of disciplines to solve problems. You will discover not just facts that explain the world, but also the intricate balance achieved in productive relationships.

During your time at the Sansori High School, you will refine your leadership abilities and acquire tools to connect with yourself and others. You and your peers will run a small-scale social enterprise, honing your business skills while you also make positive contributions to this planet and its people.
Whatever your situation or title, Sansori High School prepares you to share your gifts and lead.

As a graduate of the Sansori High School, you will discover a new kind of clarity and purpose in life, combining creativity, personal empowerment, and a sense of social responsibility. You will also join a global network of Sansori alumni/ae, strengthening your connections through retreats, college- and career workshops, and online events.

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