We all want to see different business outcomes than what the current marketplace considers the norm. We celebrate those who break free from the conventional, those who innovate. How do they do that? Do you think you can learn to breakout by looking to the old structures for your education, your insight, your encouragement, your inspiration? Better to follow a new path, even if it is uncertain than to follow a path made by those who analyze those who do innovate. Or worse, to follow a map made by tourists. Perhaps the mountain sound is a call to something bigger that you have inside you: Sansori.”
—Tim O’Shea, Co-Founder of Clean Fish (B Corp)

There really wasn’t anywhere to go for help, which is another reason why I’m really glad to hear you are doing your program, because that means that now folks will have somewhere to go.”
—Terena Bell, CEO of In Every Language (B Corp)

Sansori is like me—I did not go through the traditional education system. I learned through travel, through practical training, through direct experience. I am a different and better person as a result. Sansori is the way of the future.”
—Maria Toorpakai Wazir, Pakistan’s No. 1 Women’s Squash Player

I joined Sansori Club because it is a great experience and I really enjoy meeting new people who have the same ambitions as I do, and its fun! At the same time, we get to help our communities. Students never get opportunities like this so its great that this program is giving us that chance. So, thank you.”
—Ann Bui, Sansori Club participant