Green Mandala


Sansori re-imagines what education can be. We offer a radically different solution, changing the learning process, delivery cost, and outcome.

Sansori for Young Creatives offers children in grades 1 through 12, integrated learning curriculum centered around movement, storytelling, breathing exercises, and group activity. Through technology students are connected with students in other parts of the world, and cross cultural exchange is an integral part of their educational experience. The mixed age setting also provides space for accelerated learning, group leadership, and caring for each other.

For 18 and older, the Sansori Bridge Year curriculum is centered on travel, online seminars, mind body connection, storytelling, and social enterprise practicums. Participants discover ways to connect to meaningful careers and make positive transformations in their local and global communities.

Participants leave the Sansori experience with clarity on how they can apply their passion in a socially minded business context and the tools to manifest their vision. Theparticipants also join a global network of peers and mentors who areĀ  committed to making positive transformations in their local and global communities.

Sansori is also creating Sansori Global Villages, starting in Waziristan, Pakistan. We are designing an environmentally sustainable marble finishing factory, a school, and a bank that will be 100% owned and operated by the local community. Collaborating with a local politician and the tribal elders, we are creating economic stability to usher in innovation in education and community life. Other initiatives include the Maya Riviera, Mexico and Peru.

The Sansori experience integrates compassionate commerce, the mind body connection, and community building to offer women, men and children around the world the space to experience holistic personal and professional development and pave their own unique roadmap for lasting transformation.