Young Creatives FAQ

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1. What is the Young Creatives program?
The Young Creatives program has been specially designed for students in grades K-12 around the core concepts of permaculture and conservation. Through exploration and experience of our connection to the earth, Young Creatives gain deeper understanding of interconnected world of math, science, literature, writing, arts, social enterprise, filmmaking, and cultural studies.

2. Where and when is the Young Creatives program offered?
Austin is home to our full-time Young Creatives program, and offers rolling admission throughout the year.

3. What are the advantages of participating in Sansori’s Young Creatives?
Inspired by Sansori global educational paradigm centered on compassion, commerce, and community, Young Creatives eschews the modern-day preoccupation with test-taking and other “ingest – memorize – regurgitate” ways of learning. Through joy and practical application, students will test and refine tools to exploring themselves and the world, including starting a small scale social enterprise. Their connection to the earth, animals, and social enterprise will lead to deepening of their leadership and stewardship abilities, increased confidence in research and problem-solving skills, and more creativity in their written and artistic expressions.

4. What kinds of students participate in Young Creatives?Those who could benefit from less structure in the classroom and more freedom to follow their sense of wonder.

5. Are there grades, course requirements, or exams at Sansori?
Standardized testing is not a part of the Sansori Young Creatives experience. Rather than assigning numerical or letter grades, each student receives a detailed evaluation report each semester. These evaluations are often several pages in length, and notes observations of each person’s academic performance, emotional and leadership qualities, assessment results, and areas of improvement. Parents are invited to a conference each semester to share their observations and ideas.

6. Are there any required qualifications to be admitted, such as a minimum letter grade average or standardized test scores?
No. Sansori is a creative, interactive program, so we do not require standardized test scores for admission. We believe there are better ways to express who you are and what you care about.

7. What are “movement” and “social enterprise” and why are they so important to the Young Creatives program?
The mind-body connection established by movement is integral to a student’s accessing his/her full potential and creativity. Sansori does not advocate any particular movement modality, but espouses a variety of “self-centering” practices to help each student tap into her inner wisdom, connect to his creativity, and stay grounded throughout life’s challenges. A social enterprise is a creative business venture that fuses social objectives with sustainable, market-driven forces. These businesses use creative solutions to meet a triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. Each Young Creatives program will design and implement a small-scale social enterprise for the purposes of learning how to create and sell a product, turn a profit, and give back to the community philanthropically.

8. Who are Sansori’s teachers?
Our teachers have been hand-selected for their creativity, intelligence, passion, and compassion. They hail from all around the country and every discipline, and have graduated from Sansori training intensives that prepare them for all aspects of curriculum design and instruction, classroom management, and parent and community networking. 

9. What does the program cost? Is there a tuition refund policy?
Please consult your local Young Creatives program or write to

10. How do I enroll my student in Young Creatives and when is the deadline?
Applications are now available and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit the Young Creatives inquiry form on You will be invited to a phone or in-person interview. If you have any questions or cannot meet a deadline, please send us an email at

11. What is Sansori?
Sansori provides radically new, innovative, and open spaces for alternative education for people of all ages—including the Young Creatives program designed especially for 1st-12th graders. Our programs nurture the integration of community, commerce, and compassion in every facet of our lives.
Sansori means “mountain sound” in Korean. At Sansori we believe that by listening, both without and within, we can climb new peaks, and—together—move mountains. Sansori is not affiliated with any religious, ethnic, or political organization. Sansori is funded by private investors and tuition fees.

Other questions?
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