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At Sansori Young Creatives, children explore and integrate their math, science, business, arts, anatomy, communications, problem-solving, group dynamics, and leadership skills. They deepen their understanding through storytelling (oral and digital), movement, breathing exercises, art, world culture studies, and a small-scale social enterprise.

An Innovative Program

Summer 2016
Location: Austin, TX
When: June 13 – 17, 2016
Fee: $100 *Sansori has underwritten significant part of the full cost to make it affordable to as many people as possible.
Sansori is pleased to invite educators and performing artists to a week-long workshop focusing on presencing and each person’s co-creative ability to create space for deep learning.

Sansori Young Creatives co-director, Peter Kyle will lead the workshop based on Slow Tempo and decades of experience as performing artist, choreographer, and educator.

Slow Tempo is an approach to physical performance that incorporates a slow movement practice with an improvisational sensibility developed by Japanese theater director Shogo Ohta.
This work helps individuals develop:
* appreciation for the moment-to-moment fact of one’s “being here”
* sensitivity to the totality of thought and motion
* greater efficiency in use of the body
* refined skills in composition and silent narrative
Space limited.
RSVP: open@sansori.org
SANSORI HIGH SCHOOL @ Whole Life Learning Center
Location: 8601 S. First Street, Austin, TX 78748
SANSORI HIGH SCHOOL @ Whole Life Learning Center is a new private high school in South Austin.
At Sansori High School, learners abandon the disconnected “silo” model that divides academic life into separate disciplines. Instead, Sansori learners design and run small-scale social enterprises, write and produce their own dramas, and spend their Friday afternoons swimming. They develop a harmony of body and mind. They follow their interests to discover the workings of the world and diverse cultures. In June 2017, learners can test-drive their Mandarin during a optional trip to China.
SANSORI HIGH SCHOOL @ Whole Life Learning Center offers a fun, safe space for all learners to explore freedom, creativity, and joy in one’s physical body and in the world.

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